Ciencias Fisiologicas

Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Fisiológicas

Plenary Lectures SCHCF+ALACF 2020

Márcio Moraes (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) Physiopathology of epilepsy: from things working to going terribly wrong

David Eisner (University of Manchester & Editor of J Gen Physiol, UK) Control of calcium in the heart: free and beyond

Dimitri Mikhailidis (University College London & Editor of Curr Vasc Pharmacol, UK) Treating hypercholesterolaemia: an update with a focus on evolocumab

Julie Chan (President of IUPS, China) Nitric oxide in the control of blood pressure: the good, the bad and the ugly

Aldo D Mottino (Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Investigador Superior CONICET, Argentina) Regulation of the intestinal barrier associated with the organic anion-transporter MRP2 by intraluminal nutrients. Role of enteroglucagon GLP-2

Hernán Trimarchi (Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires, Argentina) The podocyte. New concepts

Angela Myatt (USA)How to evaluate mobile apps in physiology and health sciences?

Daniel Botero Rosas (Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia) Cerebral blood flow regulation and cerebral hypoperfusion diagnosis in real time using artificial intelligence

Juan C. Calderón (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia) The role of skeletal muscle in the pathophysiology of the metabolic syndrome: muscle mass, fiber types and myokines

Henry H. León-Ariza (Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia) What is new in the crosstalk between the immune and nervous systems?

Susan Deuchars (University of Leeds & The Physiological Society, UK) Non-invasive neuromodulation of the autonomic nervous system

Linda Samuelson (The American Physiological Society, USA) tba

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