Ciencias Fisiologicas

Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Fisiológicas

SCHCF is a member of IUPS

Established in 1953, IUPS is a collective of national and international organizations that represent physiologists around the globe. Our current membership includes more than 60 national physiological societies (as adhering bodies), 13 associate members, and 5 regional physiological federations in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania, Latin America, and Scandinavia.

The mission of IUPS is to promote physiology worldwide, both in research and education, and to champion the importance of physiology as an indispensable scientific discipline, emphasizing its relevance to medicine and global health. In pursuit of our mission, IUPS provides a universal voice for physiology, connects global physiologists, assists dissemination of modern physiologic teaching and modeling, stands up for research standards and integrity in physiology, facilitates interactions between physiologists and other branches of science and medicine, and supports education and networking of young physiologists worldwide. We convene an IUPS Congress every four years at which physiologists from around the globe interact to enrich the discipline of physiology. In between the quadrennial Congress, IUPS endeavors to support holding regional meetings and workshops, to provide mentoring services, and to host equipment exchanges. The next IUPS Congress will be held in Frankfurt/ Main Germany on September May 11-14, 2025.

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