Message from the presidency

Santiago, October 20, 2019

Friends and Members

Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Fisiológicas

Dear friends and members of the SCHCF,

It is painful and regrettable that we are living the social situation in Chile that affects us. I am sure that our deepest desire and conviction is fraternity and communication in terms of respect and consideration for the other. As President of the Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences, I cry out for these principles that are the force that allows us to reason and resolves these moments of social uproar.

I urge everyone to protect themselves from the immeasurable. Also, to trust deeply that our research, education and community outreach activities will be promptly replenished.

If any of you has been affected in your work, I invite you to indicate it to us to analyze if we can help you as a Society that welcomes you.

I hope all of you and your families and friends are well.

Receive a warm and friendly hug,

Luis Sobrevia



ALACF Chile 2020

Announcing the Latin-American Association of Physiological Sciences (ALACF) to be held in Chile in 2020.

The ALACF Chile 2020 is intended to pave our way to III PANAM Physiological Sciences 2023 to be hosted by the SCHCF.

Please be alert to announcements and opportunities to participate at ALACF Chile 2020.

With the support of IUPS and physiological societies of Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentine.



¡Estaremos orgullosos de recibirte en nuestra Sociedad como Socio Titular, Activo, Permanente y Comprometido

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Charlas magistrales UFT

La charla magistral abordará dos grandes temáticas: «El tejido muscular en la comunicación inter-órganos y sus efectos en el control metabólico en salud y enfermedad» y «Mechanismos de proteostasis muscular en ejercicio y envejecimiento» a cargo de connotados científicos internacionales en el área de la fisiología muscular y del ejercicio.

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